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FAQ: Other

Do you plan to include feature X ?

The developer has a large list of potential features and works through it according to a mystical method based on star configurations. It's difficult to say what will be done in advance, sorry.

Should I worry about using Tasker's Accessibility service ?

Not at all.

Although the Android warning says Tasker might read passwords, in fact:

What's an Instant Profile ?

Most profiles have a duration. Their enter task fires, they are active for a while, then they go inactive and settings may be restored or an exit task fired. However, profiles with

are only active for an instant and hence it does not make sense to talk about an exit task and restoration of settings.

There's no point setting brightness from 200 to 30, and then a millisecond later back to 200, therefore settings made by an instant profile stay at whatever value is specified.


















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