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FAQ: App Creation

Does app creation support profiles and scenes ?

Sure. You can export projects as apps and projects can contain profiles, tasks and scenes.

For help accessing projects, see Menu / Info / Help This Screen in the main screen.

Why is the app always shown as running ?

Tasker tries to detect when it's monitor service is no longer needed but that is not always possible. You can put a Disable action from the Tasker category at the end of your launch task to ensure that it happens.

The monitor will be started again automatically each time the app is lauched from the home screen.

How do I do initialization on the first launch ?

Setup your launch task something like this:

If %LaunchCount = 0
   ...initialization actions...
   ...normal actions...
Variable Add, %LaunchCount, 1

How can my task tell if it is running in Tasker or a child app ?

Use the Test App action and select the mode This Package.

The resulting variable will contain the package identifier you specified in the App Configuration screen if the task is running in a child app, otherwise it will contain one of net.dinglisch.android.tasker or net.dinglisch.android.taskerm.

Why isn't my app detecting background events ?

One possible cause is: when an app has just been installed on Android it is in a 'frozen' state until there is some user interaction with it (usually clicking the home screen icon at least once).

How can I send the developer a short-term App Factory log ?

Try to make the log as soon as possible after the problem occurs.

How can I send the developer a long-term App Factory log ?

Try to make the log as soon as possible after the problem occurs.

Can I include Google Play's licencing service in my app ?

No, this is not possible.

Tasker's code does not include the licencing service because of continual problems it caused. In any case, the licensing service is ineffectual for preventing unauthorized code distribution.

If you really want to include licensing in your app, you could e.g. require the user to enter their order code and check via the HTTP Get action on your server if that is a valid number.

Setting up such a server to download Google order details and accept verification requests is a lot of effort and requires some technical knowledge, however.

Can I get the java source code from my created app ?

Short answer: no.

Long answer: when a new app is created, Tasker doesn't create new java code to implement the things in your task or project configuration. Instead, the existing Tasker code is used with the new app and executed similarly to how it's executed in Tasker, but in the shell of a new APK.


















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