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Release Notes

14/12/2010: v1.0.14


  • reduced APK size by ~30% (~300K)
  • added French UI/Userguide translation


  • added HTC alarm package for events Alarm Clock/Done (experimental)
  • %TRUN (dynamic): comma-separated list of (named) tasks running
  • Prefs / Action / Max Queued Tasks
  • state/event/action edit: added menu item link to online alphabetical list
  • Stop action: added parameter With Error
  • tasker-profile.de to Browse Profiles list
  • direct: buy code button: warn that it's not the market version
  • action: 3rd Party / SMS Backup+
  • call diversion/blocking tip about Call Revert


  • event SMS Received was only firing once
  • HTTP Post/Get: failure (not bad response code) causes task stop
  • tab options: wasn't showing icon for Set Icon option
  • Widget / Shortcut create from app: wasn't removing list hint afterwards
  • state Unread Text: help text was for wrong state
  • LocEdit: improved accuracy of drawn radius away from equator
  • virtually any changes in prefs was`causing a monitor restart on leaving UI
  • cell near/related variables: were crashing occasionally
  • state edit, calendar entry: some devices listing of titles/locs would crash
  • catch OOM selecting SD icon
  • event edit: was crashing when var selected for numeric (text) parameter
  • no config created, monitor was visibly trying to startup sometimes
  • menu items that were single actions (not perform task) now run at the same priority as the menu task itself
  • time context setup failed to initialize sometimes
  • empty BT device name was crashing


  • removed userguide pages from APK, they now download as needed (or all at once to SD)
  • removed action/state/event help from APK, they now download as needed (or all at once to SD)
  • shortened SMS response delay
  • new widget tasks can be anonymous (again)
  • save emergency backup to SD when datafile write fails (OOM ?)
  • UI, stop cancelling dialogs when touched outside, confuses people
  • made %TNET dynamic and monitored
  • added buffer to speed up SD logging
  • recache an app icon whenever a widget/shortcut is created for it (in case it changes)
  • monitor service: delay queue processing when necessary to avoid Android no-response closes